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  1. Slum-TV News and Rock 'n' Roll
    Sent April 9th 2009

    Dear Friends Well, its been a while since we've been in touch, but as they say, no news is good news, and we certainly have good news for you. In fact, the more you read on, the better the news gets. Slum TV started the year with a bang, and in January ...

  2. Slum-TV Now you can win with SLUM-TV
    Sent November 18th 2008

    Hi friends, we have had the pleasure to present SLUM-TV at two different Filmfestivals, one was the Regent Park Film Festival in Toronto Canada, the other was the CPH:DOX Documentary Film Festival in Copenhagen Den...

  3. Slum-TV last weeks, routines and situations,
    Sent October 2nd 2008

    Dear Readers, Friends, Associates etc..., it was a while since our last mail, and we were active as usual. Today i want to share some impressions with you, what means working inside SLUM-TV. We were really lucky that we had the first of our two interna...

  4. Slum-TV 2 Workshops and long Report on Al Jazeera
    Sent August 21st 2008

    Dear Friends, we have been working very hard. So there was no time to write long reports. This email will also be very short, but the content will need a bit more of your attention. Al Jazeera made an long feature on our project in Mathare, and explain...

  5. Slum-TV report on latest activities, few announcments, etc...
    Sent June 3rd 2008

    Dear Friends, its been a while since our last newsletter, but we were working on all different sides of our project. In the next days, we'll publish a hard copy of our newspaper, which will be in serbian/english and used for our this weeks presentation i...

  6. Slum-TV reports the word on the street in Mathare February 2008
    Sent March 3rd 2008

    Since the disputed Kenyan election results Mathare has seen ongoing violence and unrest. At the height of the troubles homes were destroyed, shops looted, men beaten and women raped. Slum TV members felt the full force of the violence; some were forced to...

  7. Slum-TV Video of the FP� Attack in Vienna's City Council
    Sent January 27th 2008

    Dear Friends, we�ll try to translate the video in the next days, and to subtitle it, with our friends software, Jaume Nualart from subvideo. everyone else, understanding german, enjoy: or http://www...

  8. FP� attacking Slum-TV tomorrow in the Town Council
    Sent January 23rd 2008

    Dear Friends, now we are also recognized in Austria. Last week people could read in the daily newspaper "HEUTE" ( that we are a project, which only wants to show the nice s...

  9. Slum-TV News Update & next Member introduction
    Sent January 16th 2008

    Dear Friends! A lot of things happened in the last Weeks. First of all, i have to apologize that we forgot to introduce new SLUM-TV Members to you. First of all, everyone is fine. Winicks house had been set on fire, but she and her family are all well, b...

  10. Slum-TV Two Reports from Kenya
    Sent January 5th 2008

    Dear Friends, we managed to get in touch with our friends. All of them are ok. Read here two articles, one by Sam Hopkins: The 28th of December five years ago was a very different occasion. When the results came out, confirming a landslide victory f...

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