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This e-mail list is encouraging criticality within contemporary visual art.
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  1. Critical Essay: Not an Artist - about the so-called art of Brody&Paetau
    Sent March 24th 2010

    Dear friends & art lovers, we are proud to present "Critical Essay: Not an Artist" (written by Adam) All the best, Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau ...

  2. Discover the Erotic Paintings of Salvador DaliX
    Sent February 9th 2010

    Discover the Erotic Paintings of Salvador DaliX! About the Salvador DaliX paintings: I was always interested in the person of Salvador Dali. As a �provocateur� and surrealist p...

  3. Wanted Works: Remember this Artstar who never made it to Art Basel Miami
    Sent December 2nd 2009

    Remember this Artstar who never made it to Art Basel Miami: We invite you to watch & criticize the video online: You can also buy this work online: Warm regards, Ondrej Brody &...

  4. Wanted Works: The Studio Visit (an attractive collector visits the studio of a desperate artist)
    Sent October 22nd 2009

    The Studio Visit: An attractive art collector makes a studio visit to a desperate artist who is trying to sell his newest works� We invite you to watch & criticize the video online: You can al...

  5. Wanted Works: Gerhard Richter solo exhibition curated by O.Brody & K.Paetau
    Sent October 2nd 2009

    Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau decided to curate a solo show with the famous german painter Gerhard Richter in the artist-run Project Room 0047 in Berlin. We invite you to watch & criticize the video online: Yo...

  6. Wanted Works: "ANDY!" - Dog Piss-Paintings by Mambo, Eugenio and Kristofer
    Sent July 21st 2009

    "ANDY!" � Oxidation paintings by Mambo (2008) A series of oxidation paintings 'a la Andy Warhol' created in Rio de Janeiro by the dog Mambo with the assistance of his master Eugenio who trained Mambo to piss on the copper pa...

  7. Wanted Works: Le Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe by O.Brody & K.Paetau
    Sent June 16th 2009

    LE D�JEUNER SUR L�HERBE (2006) Hommage to Edouard Manet Video, 3 min. 39 sec. The video shows on the left screen the finished montage with contemporary czech porn actors animating the classical painting by Edouard...

  8. Wanted Works: Let Me Out! by O.Brody & K.Paetau
    Sent May 14th 2009

    "Let Me Out!" Installation (parrot cage with dead parrot) Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau will present a living sculpture in their booth at the Subversiv Messe in Linz 2009. They will present their loving pet �Marcel&ium...


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