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Date: September 2nd 2009

gregor rozanski

Gregor Rozanski - 9/11/09 at Para_Site Gallery

Opening: 9th November, 7 P.M.

First exhibition in the new space of para_SITE Gallery in Kaiserfeldgasse 22, 8010 Graz, Austria: 9/11/09 by Gregor Rozanski

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"9/11/09 is a recombination of disturbing associations and the actualization of two spectres. First, the spectre of Marx, who has foretold that if the integration of the international working class would not be realized, the nations would eat themselves, icited by the right-wing bourgeois nationalism and yet the contemporary division of the world has unpredictably evoked such geopolitics. It's also about the spectre of September 11th, 9/11, the date which started a new global situation between territories and people. 9/11, about 9 a.m. the second aircraft has impacted the WTC.

On European manner 9/11 means the 9th of November: the Crystal Night in 1938, in 1980 Saddam Hussein has declared a war on Iran (first serious conflict between muslim countries), in 1989 the same day the pulling down of the Berlin Wall has started, which was built during the reign of Nikita Khrushthov, who died in 1970 on the 11th of September... so now we have year 2009, evertyhing comes back in a new form."

Daniela Haberz
parasitenet Network
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