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Date: April 3rd 2018

This week Ruby and Sophia will take part in 'Constellations' with Adelaide Ivánova and Laura Burns at the rather fabulous invitation of Female Trouble (1) who will host the Vulva Club #18 at KuLe (2) on Friday 6th April from 19.00. There may well be stones, songs and personal stories.

Spring has finally sprung and we also got our act together to write something for Living Maps (3). Both have been a while coming!

Next month Sophia and Daniel will be in Ireland on 19-20 May for the Digital Transformations conference, in Ballina, County Mayo (4)

Early warning too, that plan b is making a new piece for the Impulse Festival Stadtprojekt at the FFT in Düsseldorf in June. Watch this space!

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A mailing list for plan b (the artists Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers). We make performance work, durational work, participatory projects, locative media and audio projects and exhibit the outcomes of our data collection activities (including our GPS traces and text messages over a number of years).

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