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Date: November 20th 2016

Dear Friends,

We will give a performative artists' talk on Thursday 24th November at 7pm as part of the Linear Momentum group exhibition at the Galerie im Körnerpark in Neukölln(1), curated by Conny Becker.

We will present our daily practice of recording everywhere we go with GPS(2) and the outcome of this as trace and line. We will also perform an excerpt from Narrating Our Lines(3), in which we play an animation of journeys from previous years and try to remember the human events behind the abstracted traces. The animation was created for us as open source software by Peter Vasil(4).

Our engraved acrylic piece All Our Traces in Berlin 2011 and Dan’s Drawing Machine II are also on display as part of the exhibition which runs until January 22nd and also features work by Simon Faithfull, April Gertler, IEPE, Vanessa Henn, Melanie Irwin, Pia Linz, Stefan Micheel (, Richard Rocholl and Sofie Thorsen.

  1. Schierker Str. 8, 12051 Berlin,

You can read the online version of this message at

Hope you can make it,
Best wishes

Sophia and Dan

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