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Date: June 6th 2016

Hello all,

We are delighted to be taking part in Amy Sharrocks'(1) festival "Do Rivers Dream of Oceans?" (2) this weekend on Saturday 11 June in Reading with our durational piece A Message to You (3). We will be across the river from each other by the Oracle shopping centre from 12 noon onwards, probably for 4 or so hours (depending on how many messages there are), shouting a year's worth of all our text messages to one another.

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best wishes,

Sophia and Dan
plan b

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A mailing list for plan b (the artists Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers). We make performance work, durational work, participatory projects, locative media and audio projects and exhibit the outcomes of our data collection activities (including our GPS traces and text messages over a number of years).

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