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Date: January 8th 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Same Old Song: Stille Nacht / Silent Night was another success. 24 hours. 280 Versions.

START WORKING ON YOUR VERSION FOR 2017 NOW!! Vive la Repetition!!! Audio, Video, live...

Here is the overview of all versions played for 2016:

Thanks again to Radio Muenchen, Peter Lang, Dim Sclichter, and all the musicians and helpers. Eva Schmidt
Katl Uhmann
Arthur Uhmann
Maoz Barda
Karin Sommer
Stephan Kohnle
... and all the artists listed at the website

NEXT SOS: "ALABAMA SONG (Whiskey Bar)" at Soho Stage in Augsburg as part of the Brecht Festival 2017 (4 March 2017). Es gibt noch EINEN Platz frei...

*** JJ sings Nashville song "Gentle on My Mind" on Bavarian TV show Z'am Rockin" here:

UPCOMING SHOWS: Edlrost (Jodlfunk and Schunklsoul) at Adler Dietmann's in Bad Wurzach (that's right)..... 21. January 2017

Alles gute und bis bald!

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