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Date: December 21st 2015

JJ Jones presents SAME OLD SONG: Silent Night (Stille Nacht)

24 hours long.
13:00 CET on 23 December (7:00 am Eastern Central) to 13:00 CET on 24 December

Live from the award-winning Milla Club ( in Munich and STREAMING ONLINE AT RADIO MUENCHEN STREAM LINK:

Live versions from Milla, plus 189 recordings from the collection of Dim Sclichter (Der Kaiser von Doo Dah) also new covers from many musicians around the world, including Laura Kikauka (Canada) and Gen Ken Montgomery (USA), Die Rüpel, Das Himmelreich, Jan van Meerendonk (Bigband Dachau), Gieseler-Pappert-Jones, The White, Mr. King, Quadro Nuevo, AND MANY MANY MORE!

Tune in.

And may all your Xmases be in heavenly peace!


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